The Best Microwaves

A microwave is one of the essential kitchen appliances. This device is mainly used for defrosting or heating. There are two types of microwaves which include the basic solo microwave and the advanced microwave grill. The basic model is suited for the simple tasks such as cooking a ready-meal, reheating coffee or even defrosting chicken while the advanced model includes a unique heating element commonly referred to as a combi. It is used for heating, roasting, crisping and browning just like the traditional oven. The price of these microwave range from 40 sterling pounds to over 400 sterling pounds.

Factors considered when purchasing a microwave

  • Cost
  • How easy it can be cleaned
  • How quickly it accomplishes the jobThe space it occupies

These are the best microwaves

Wilko color play microwave

This is a cherry looking microwave. It might also be green, purple or teal in color. It cost £ 50. The Wilko Colourplay microwave defrosts and heats fast and evenly. It helps in eliminating the problems associated with poor-performing microwaves which produce food having some spots which are colder than others. Additionally, this microwave is energy efficient.

Dunelm Mill Candy-rose Microwave

It is a solo microwave which is retro-looking. It cost £ 55. It is blue, pink or green. It is small in size when compared to the other types of microwaves, but it cooks evenly. A 27 cm plate can fit properly inside this microwave.

Samsung MWS28J5255

It cost £ 140. This microwave is much quiet. Besides, it heats so effectively even when it is used for long hours. Additionally, this microwave defrosts very well, and it can accommodate large casserole dishes. The only problem with this microwave is visibility since you cannot see clearly inside while it is cooking.

Swan Retro SM22070

This is a vintage-looking device which looks funky. It cost £ 80. It is roomy fit such that it can fit all the family-sized dishes. It has five power levels which allows one to operate it quickly just by the click of a button. This means that it can be operated easily even when someone is in a hurry.

The Russell Hobbs RHFM2363B

This is another type of solo microwave which does not have a turntable. It has well-designed walls which are capable of bouncing to reflect the microwaves within the cooking area. It is good for even cooking, and it can accommodate or fit even the large dishes. Additionally, this microwave can be cleaned easily even though its lighting is a bit poor.